Friday, November 2, 2007

mighy righty

todays scan: on the right i have a 20mm and a smattering of littles. on the left i got nothing (this after spending 20 awkward wanding minutes trying to find that sucker). that right ovary is really a producer! i can pretty much count on something happening on the right when i go in for scans, where as the lazy and recalcitrant left is much more of a toss-up. like bartleby, when it comes to making follicles, it seems the left would prefer not to. bastard. i was hoping for more than ONE follicle, but one good one is all you need (in theory) right?

ideally i'd trigger tonight for IUI on sunday but the clinic doesn't do IUI's on sunday. so i triggered this morning for IUI tomorrow morning...poor cl has already started the 8+ hr drive. poor kid.

my request for an E2 was denied. apperently my lining looks good, so adding an E2 would just "confuse things."

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Geohde said...

Good luck with that IUI.

I hope that you have the little follicle that could ;)