Sunday, November 4, 2007

2ww and ultimate

so yesterday after the IUI bright and frikking early in the morning, i asked the very nice and soft spoken doctor about vigorous exercise during the 2ww, does it impact the chances of pregnancy? (this guy is so mild and soft-spoken that my mind wandered into thinking what he was like as, say, an 8 yr old boy. did he play with other kids or was he that kid in the corner building things out of legos while everyone else was playing kickball? was he always just mild and polite or was he a hellion that became this paragon of stillness after adolescence? but i digress...) anyway, the the thing with ultimate is that it's not just a question of elevated heartrate, but, if you're doing it right, also involves lots of lunging, diving, jumping etc. he said there's no real strong evidence either way, but if he were me he would abstain.

of course, yesterday was the end-of-season tournament. and i couldn't let them know ahead of time that i wouldn't be there, since i didn't know the timing of the IUI myself until the day before. so i made an internal compromise with myself. i went to the tournament and played as little as possible. once we were cleared to advance to the next round, i didn't play at all. i came up with some scarcely believable convoluted lie about why i could play just fine the previous two games and then needed to abruptly stop playing. it'd be great if i could have just told them: "well, i'm just not sure how to walk the line between not living my life and not taking risky chances during the 2ww." but, for better or worse, i didn't.

so here i am, right at the beginning of yet another 2ww. let the wild rumpus start.


dmarie said...

It sucks so much to have to think and make these kinds of decisions. Good luck with the 2ww.

SaraS-P said...

Well, hopefully the abstaining will pay off.

Oh, the scarifices we make in hopes of upping the odds.

Meghan said...

Hope staying on the sidelines helped. It does suck that we even have to think of these things.

Geohde said...

Good luck with the tww.

For what its worth in the cycle I was pregnant I was running 10K a day,



In and Out of Luck said...

Well, I do hope the more subdued playing pays off - fingers crossed. If you love the sport, I hope there is something you can find that gives you the same endorphins without the lunging and jumping. Yeah, it sucks that we have to think about this stuff.