Monday, November 12, 2007

sometimes it just hurts to be female

right down to my XX chromosomes. we share the world, we're more than half of it's is wrong with people? i am constantly amazed that our capacity for hate seems to outshine our capacity for love.

anyway, stuck in my hamster wheel right now:

this story about iranian med student Zahra Bani Ameri who was picked up by the revolutionary guard for questions regarding her marital status, and who died in prison two days later of 'suicide'. it seems unfair to me the subtitution: she dies and her jailers live? we exchange a light for darkness.

recent stories about the harrassment women face online. this article on slate discusses the harrassment women political bloggers face, and this washington post article discusses one specifically egregious example of online harrassment women law students face. according to board moderators at this law student themed site, taking down intimidating rape and brutality posts against female law students (including posts providing name and address info and those inciting other readers to snap pictures of the girls on their cellphones and then post them online) constitutes an unfair foray into censorship. much more admirable to host an open forum for anonymous users to post their graphically violent mysogynistic fantasies and racist, anti-semitic threats against female law students. the only positive i can come up with all this is the penn state law student anthony ciolli who was one of two founders/site executives/moderators/whatever he is calling his invovlement these days had his job offer at a law firm rescinded after the WaPo article was published. i hope his student loan debt is considerable and his employment prospects remain dismal.

finally, i posted on a parenting board about the challenges involved with raising our daughters, what with the xrated halloween costumes for 8 yr olds (honey, would you rather be a sexy pirate or a sexy nurse or a sexy chambermaid?) and the stuff outlined above etc etc etc. and a mother responded that that's why she's glad she has a son. oooookay. guess i'm glad i'm white and american, so i don't have to trouble my head about injustices that concern other races or occur in other countries. injustices don't have to occur directly TO YOU in order for you to be concerned about them. yeesh.

9 dpo today. no tests.

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Geohde said...

Good on you for the resolute avoidance of the wee-sticks. When do you plan to break them out?