Wednesday, November 28, 2007

all's quiet on the southern front


every now and then it occurs to me that for me, alzheimers is going to be a gentle easy slide for me, like an old man easing into a bath (costanza!). i'm moving this week, and to describe my current state as disorganized is to truck in vast understatements. its a little better today, but for about 2-3 days there, i didn't know where ANYTHING was. i wore the same underwear for 2 days because the replacements were AWOL. my teeth were scuzzily unbrushed as toothpaste and toothbrush were nowhere to be found. my cell ran out of batteries as the charger was lost in the ether. my laptop was in SC, my furniture in DC and my cats in baltimore. i'm going to have to re-buy at least one schoolbook that i know i already have...somewhere.

its also the end of the semester, the time when all good people come together for a collective 'Oh SH*T' as they realize they now have 2 weeks to do what they should have spent 4 mos doing. my paper is due when??? *headdesk*

reproductively, not much going on. my saline sono was yesterday and the results were grossly normal. i had very mildly elevated prolactin levels on two previous tests so on fri i go for a 3rd, plus another TSH (nl last test). my IVF orientation is next tues...and i wonder if it will be like my college orientation, which i barely remember as it occured while i was in a nice ethanol induced haze. somehow i doubt it. i'm having little pangs that maybe i should do another IUI before i go on to IVF. i've done 5 clomid/4 IUI's. was that a fair trial? i got pregnant on it once and almost pregnant with it at least twice. it seems like it almost works.


Geohde said...

IVF orientation is nothing particularly informative. I mean, it's such a regimented process and you tend to get the same information about fifty times anyway.

Just check the expiry dates, your doese and stick the SHARP end of the needle into yourself and turn up for your appointments and you've got it licked.


LJ said...

I sill can't believe you have to be there for so long. You need to report on what they cover...