Monday, November 19, 2007

my dad is so sweet/i'm an auntie (update 6p)

we met for lunch so i could give him a few of the newborn things to give to my sister when he goes out to visit later this week. that's right! i'm an auntie. i was worried by the time i went out there in 4 wks none of the newborn stuff would fit anymore. Baby A is Andrew James, 6lbs 6oz, nearly back at birthweight at day 4 of life. Baby B is Ryan Samuel, 5lbs 11oz, who is already down about 10% at day 4 of life. I love how they are both just born, and already heading off in opposite directions as quickly as possible. it sounds like both are doing well, and they are making sure baby B gets enough to eat through a combo of breastmilk/formula via syringe/bottle/breastfeeding. they'll all be discharged later today. at the end of her pregnancy my sister developed pre-e which rapidly devolved into HELLP syndrome, so they all had a 5 day hospital stay. she had a very rough first 2 days, but is feeling much better now. what i feel kind of funny about is during the last month or so of the pregnancy i was very worried she would get HELLP syndrome, and then she did.

NOTE: this is my own personal blog, and it isn't an open forum for debate. i want to keep this space a positive one, where i can post about myself and my family without recrimination or judgement.

with that in mind: if you disagree with formula supplementation for whatever reason, please keep it to yourself. i don't feel like it should be necessary to post this rule, but this is an open blog and i know people feel very passionately about issues surrounding infant care. and that is great, and you can do it however you want with your own children.

second: the babies are having their bris this thursday which i will also probably write about (even though i can't be there because of school, i wish i could be. everyone else in my family is going). if you feel passionately about infant circumcision, please keep it to yourself. my blog, her children, yada yada yada, refer to above statement etc.


anyway, i met with my dad for lunch so i could give him the newborn stuff so he could take it with him when he flies out this week. he gave me a little glass heart paperweight as a present, to let me know he is thinking of me. that recognition just meant so much. this is a time of great joy for my family and myself. i'm so glad j is doing well and the babies are too. but there is a slight bittersweet edge to it for me because i'd have been due about now also if i hadn't m/c'd. it was nice to have someone besides myself acknowledge that there is an edge of sadness in it for me, intermingled with my great joy. i'm not even sure he knows how much it meant to me because his general opinion is people shouldn't dwell on the past. also, i think he may have just given it to me because he didn't want me to feel bad about all the attention going to my sister...which is funny, because we aren't 8 anymore, and i don't care about that at all. but still, he thought of me and that is nice. (he's probably right to some degree about dwelling on the past...though his family took it to some extremes. at lunch today i asked him his grandparent's names, his mother's parents. and he did not know their names. his mother never spoke of them as they perished in the holocaust, and he didn't ask).

i'm waiting on my beta results and pushed back my saline sono to next week. i had a little bit of spotting, but no AF yet. le sigh. i'm sure my pd will come within an hour of finding out the beta is neg.
6p: no AF and no update. the clinic stated they don't have my results back yet. from 11am today. i hope the lab didn't lose the sample.


In and Out of Luck said...

That's nice of your dad. And I'm sorry about the bittersweetness, with the due date. Please update with beta results! I'm thinking of you.

Geohde said...

I find that I usually bleed before the beta. I think that's worse. The ultimate in pointless blood sticks.



Geohde said...

And good luck.....

dmarie said...

Thinking of you.

Heather said...

I wish I could kiss your dad right on the tip of his nose. I heart him.

Congratulations Auntie!