Monday, November 5, 2007

fertility gods and irony, part 645

i recently came across the blog of a woman who stated she'd been ttc x1 year with no luck and so went to her ob-gyn who prescribed 50mg clomid. as a comparison, my clinic starts people at 100mg, even for the first cycle. anyway, her first cycle on the clomid, she got pregnant with quadruplets, two of the four being identical twins. the identicals probably would have happened anyway, but that is a hell of a response to clomid even so. and then there's the rest of us poor saps, lucky to get half a follicle on twice as much clomid. further proof--as though any were needed--that the primary motivating factor for "blessings" from the fertility god appears to be side-splitting, head bashing irony. nothing like "would be a good parent" or "deserve this after so much crap" etc. it seems much more along the lines of "i bet if i flipped this switch it would REALLY f*ck things up. Cool!"


Geohde said...

Here's the part where I confess that I got three follicles on 25 mg.

I do 12.5 and sometimes get two.

I'd explode on 100mg, but before you bash's the pcos, I swear!


SaraS-P said...

I went all the way up to 200 mg of Clomid (don't recommend it), and all my reading indicates that some women are just great responders to it, and others (moi) would never have any success with it no matter what.

I wonder if that woman really needed the Clomid. Maybe she had just been unlucky rather than unfertile (I know that's not a real word), and that little bit of the drug erased all chance for bad luck since she released so many eggs.

In and Out of Luck said...

I know, I saw that blog. And I was like, what? Clomid? Quadruplets? Clomid 50mg gave me three follicles, but it was also secretly excavating the uterine lining so that none of them could ever implant. Isn't that tricky?

Lori said...

I HATE being on the receiving end of that irony switch!