Friday, November 23, 2007

pregnancy blips + shopping = AIEEEE

happy thanksgiving y'alls! :)

everytime i have a pregnancy 'blip' (which, unfortunately, has been 3 times in the last 9 mos) i am struck with the consumate need to go clothes shopping until i've depleted either my checking account or my patience with myself, whichever comes first. after the m/c this summer it was rediculous...(though i did end up with some extremely cute summer dresses, truly.) Currently, i find myself ensnared in yet another shopping binge. my current obsession is just the right pair of cute jeans, which i truly don't need, and which aren't practical as i can't wear them to clinicals, but i sorely, wretchedly, desperately want anyway. i feel kinda bad about it, especially as we are approaching the money sinkhole known as IVF... and so now is probably especially not the time to piss away money on frivolities. i think part of the problem is when i'm ttc, i try not to buy clothes because, you know, just in case **roll eyes**. and then when it seems like just-in-case = no-time-soon i want to make up for all the clothes i didn't let myself have before.

(...i also wish i would apply myself to school with such arduous--bordering on fanatical--determination as i do scouting denim deals on ebay...oy).


Geohde said...


Every time I'm hit with an infertility 'blip' I shop too.

This time was about 1500 bux.




Meghan said...

Retail therapy is very powerful. In fact, I think the only reason the psychologists don't talk about it more often is that they might go right out of business!

Good luck finding your jeans!

LJ said...

Oh darlin', I'm in that IVF shithole, but still have the retail therapy bug. Why do you think I bought a wii and new laptop?

ultimatejourney said...

I'm sorry you're dealing with this yet again. I hope you find the perfect jeans.