Sunday, November 18, 2007

what new hell is this?

relevant stats:

--spotting 12 dpo
--no AF yet
-- $ store pg test negative at midnight, pos this am
-- repeat $ store test and FRER this AM with FMU both still neg after 2+ hrs
--what's at stake: besides the obvious, it's also the jan IVF cycle.

i will go in for a beta tomorrow at 16dpo if still no AF. i'm sure i'm having some kind of chemically bullshit going on. can anyone out there in blogland think of a positive outcome if someone doesn't have >25mIU hcg in their urine after 15 dpo? me either.

i had a scheduled saline sono this tues at 5dpo. my original plan was just to show up and have it, esp if the beta comes back <25mIU and just say i'm 5dpo or not say anything at all. except it occured to me this morning that one look at the uterine lining and they're going to know right off it's not 5dpo. think anyone will notice? i think the saline sono is just to visualise the contours of the ute so maybe they won't it possible?

if i can't get in for the saline sono on this cycle (cd 5-12) it might affect our chances of getting the jan IVF cycle.

anyone know any way i can induce my pd TODAY?


Meghan said...

uggg..sorry. I hate when our bodies mess with us like this.

Hoping this doesn't mess up your Jan cycle!

Geohde said...

Oh Mz Lee Bee, now I get it.


I'm not even going to insult your clomid trigger iui DPO count, it'd be rock solid.

You either have some chemical-preg stuff, preg-preg stuff or a bung + test. Tome and/or a blood quant beta would tell.

I've had 17-18 day LPs on Clomid. I've also had 9 day LP's on clomid, but I'm pretty screwed up! I can't even ovulate preductably on the damn stuff, just a buncha follicles (on stupidly low dose, thanks PCO) at CD 12 that go 'poof' into oblivion....


But enough about me. They will probably check yourlining thickness to see if it is c/w CD5 before the sono part. Having said that, well, it's normally only done so early to be sure there's not a preg in progress, yes? If you get a rock-solid neg beta, does it matter if you're not CD5? Just a thought...



Lea Bee said...

that's totally what i think. if i get a rock solid neg beta tomorrow, i'm still showing up on tues, 18dpo be absolutely frigging damned.

Heather said...

I hope it is POS!!!

If you really want it to start, try wearing white underwear.

SaraS-P said...

so sorry.

I know it is unlikely, but a positive from a late implanter would be nice...

ultimatejourney said...

Crap, I'm sorry your body is playing tricks on you. I hope you can get things figured out.