Tuesday, June 5, 2007

tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow (again)

meeting with REI tomorrow at 1030, and i hope to know more about the plan for next month after that.

warm thoughts to LJ.

work was ok today. nothing too crazy. very very busy though.

i got into an interesting discussion today on a message board i belong to. basically, someone wrote that a mom told her she wasn't breastfeeding because her baby was lactose intolerant. a bunch of other people wrote in to say how stupid that was. i wrote that maybe she just said that because she didn't want other people to judge her feeding choices. it was interesting because the strongest lactivist on the board feels that not feeding breastmilk is really subpar care. in her mind, there is no reason really not to breastfeed. but her 5mos old son is circumcised. i can't tell you how many posts i've read that say that circ'ing is essentially child abuse. i don't feel that way, but many people do. to them, to circ "without knowing better" is horrific ignorance. to be educated and circ anyway is criminal. also, the lactivist's son has also recieved no vaxes to date. if you ask me, that is the craziest thing of all. how can an educated person make that decision? but i love and respect the lactivist, among other people that have made vastly different choices for their family than i would make for mine. i guess what i'm saying is, i think the family has to figure out what works best for them. and then when they get judged for it--which they will, by someone--they need to say 'thanks for your opinion, but what we are doing is what works best for our family.' and be sure to have a thick skin.


LJ said...

Thanks, so much. I'm excited to meet you!

It's interesting, as I've been on the boards too. We put our personas out there and on the line, but often those reading may share little in common with us. Kinda fascinating.

Anonymous said...

thanks to you, I've been able to say (and really believe) "its what works best for Max and our family." I think its ok for everyone to have their opinions, just so long as they don't try to force it upon anyone else. its like my Mom and I...you can believe in Jesus all you want, but don't you dare try to force me to, or tell me I'm going to hell (which she would never do) because I don't. I don't think that someone is ignorant or hasn't done enough reading if they choose not to bf their child. some people cannot get their child to latch on, and don't pump for whatever reason. pumping is much, MUCH harder on a woman's breasts than bf'ing is. chapped nipples, blood blisters under the skin, and super saggy boobs...oh joy! that being said, we're still trying to get Max a couple ounces a day of the good stuff. but yeah, my boobs are hurting because of it and it TOTALLY sucks - I cannot say how much longer I can hold out. but you know, I feel the same way you do about shots. I can't understand how someone could read about shots, and still not not do it...the benefits far outweigh the risks, if you ask me. still, I don't expect everyone to feel the way I do, and I don't think anyone who doesn't get their child vax is a bad mama.
love you xoxox