Monday, June 25, 2007

prognostication=not my forte

so, if i count right and my cycle this month is like the last normal cycle i had...way back in march, so many moons ago, but i digress...then i should be gearing up for an IUI aug 1. or so. i haven't ovulated this month yet, so its more or less like casting runes or interpreting clouds.

i gave mr grumpy--that's cl to me and you--a heads up on the possible date and he proceeded to grump for 1 solid hour about how the timing was sucky. was not in the least comforted by the fact that it probably wasn't the right time anyway. his work is really intense right now and they might not even let him come home for 24 hrs (tho i think, in the end, they will).

but he's not the only person guilty of grumping at clouds. i scheduled my monitoring sono appt today because the military system fills up fast and i have to get my appt in. well, they can't see me until july 30th, whereas i was hoping to get in there fri july 27th. so now i'm all trying to work it to see whether i can get in that day or not, when in truth it only really matter if everything goes exactly as i've calculated it. and when does that happen?

le sigh.
at least i ate alot of soft cheese today and it was *really* good.


Karen said...

gosh, that's tough. There are definite advantages to the military system, but this is for sure not one of them. Poor thing. I hope it all works out!

ultimatejourney said...

For me, guessing at my cycle is always an exercise in futility. I hope everything works out well for you!

Max said...

you can have my O :)

kim99 said...

I think Murphys Law dictates that regardless of when you schedule the sono, it would have worked out exactly perfect if it had been the other date.

Rodrigo said...

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