Thursday, June 7, 2007

an office space cat. tomorrow i have 8 solid hours of class, and i'm going to spend the 5 min breaks we have shooting nails into my head with a nailgun to break up the monotony. unless any one of YOU have a better idea, nu?

because i love you all, check out this link from the best show on TV. yes, of course,

i was very productive today what with the laundry and the grocery shopping and the what not, but i seem to have just hit an energy black hole. stinky, because i still need to do the studying, and the exercising. my energy juice quit about an hour ago it seems. pity that. help! i need to put the internets DOWN and go do something productive. oooh the sweet siren song of the internets. it calls to me 'keep your little a$$ parked right in that chair and wallow in my forbidden, time sucking fruits.' right into my ear it sings that. hard to resist.

2ww continues. nothing to report. my plan for bfn includes amusement parks and lots of soft cheese, eaten with a listeria spoon. delicious.


LJ said...

Ahh, I wouldn't worry. A little gooshy foods will not make you full of fail. :) lolz.

(Okay, for the rest of you who are non-lolcatters, I don't speak like that all the time.)

ultimatejourney said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and offering your Clomid experience. So far it's been fine (although I feel really bloated.)

I love lolcats too!

I hope you had a nice weekend.