Wednesday, June 6, 2007


well, my appt today was not what i wanted to hear. everyone i talked to--civilian and military--said i could try again after my next normal cycle. i thought that meant this cycle coming up. but evidently, this cycle does not count as a normal cycle, even though i will have normal menstrual blood when it does come. apparently i have to let this cycle go and the next one before i can resume any kind of treatment. so, the plan is still the same: clomid, hcg, iui, but now we're looking at mid july, instead of, like, 3 wks from now which is what i thought it was.


le sigh.


LJ said...

Wow, that just really sucks. I'm waiting out a month for cysts - so I'm here with you.

I suppose at least we can have a drink together!

Lea Bee said...

and we will! shoot, i will probably have one for each of us, even though you will be there too. :)