Friday, June 1, 2007


greetings from la--it isn't nearly as warm as i thought it would be. i brought jeans with me from sc on a lark...fortunately for me because otherwise i'd have to buy some here. i walked for a stretch today on santa monica blvd, where many of the boutiques were selling jeans. unfortunately, i don't have a firstborn to barter with, and the prices were just insane. santa monica blvd is a heady mix of the great unwashed and more trendy stores than you could throw a handful of sand at.

uterninusus law (ah sperm palace jesters, how right you were!) dictated that since weds was my probable O day, something would happen to make sex unlikely. first, cl and i had another stupid fight about him not covering me well enough with a beach towel while i was changing clothes on a public street. (i seem to be describing alot of cl's and my fights during this blog, but rest assured we are actually happily married with only occasional, if daunting, interludes of crazy). anyway, then we went out with a friend of his from work and my dh got Da-Runk. now, being da-runk, while fun, can often pose challenges if baby making sex is to be had. we were able to overcome some of the more immediate challenges, but i just cant help but think of cl's poor spermies, swimming around in circles, looking for the closest bar or maybe just a spot of gatorade. on the other hand, da-runk sex has made a lot of babies for a lot of people. onword then, with the psychosomatic and psycho in general hilarity that is the 2ww.

my sister's 11wk appt was fun yesterday. ucla's power was out, so we were on generator or 'mood' lighting. the sono showed both baby a and baby b were trying to shove their right fists into their brains via their mouths. poor things. they both looked healthy and if anything were maybe even big for dates. so that's encouraging. also my sister hasn't tossed her cookies for 3 days now (as of this post) and that's also encouraging. the bushes outside her work are missing their daily dose of fertilizer. she is having occasional arrythmia's with pregnancy, so she will have to wear a monitor for 24hrs just to make sure it is just pregnancy causing it and not some structural problem with her heart. poor sister!

it was actually very difficult to be in the OB's office, around all the very pregnant preggos. i am greatly relieved that at my rei's office, children under age 12 are not allowed, and neither do you see greatly pregnant women. we were discussing in the car yesterday how hard pregnancy is for women...between trying to achieve it, trying to maintain it, spending 3 months acutely ill, irregular heart beats, whatever. where is the dialogue? maybe it's because it gets all mixed up in the pro-life/pro-choice dialogue. to admit that pregnancy is exceptionally hard maybe gives credence to the pro-choice arguement that women should not have to put themselves and their bodies through that if they don't want. on the other hand, the pro-choice arguement doesn't give enough to women devastated by their m/c's, or even their abortions. not saddened that they had an abortion, but still feeling an acute loss.

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