Sunday, June 17, 2007

happy father's day?

i do love me some charleston...but i go home tomorrow to continue with my regularly scheduled life. i come back here in two weeks and four weeks. it's nice because by the trip 4 wks from now i should be (fingers crossed) having a period-type thing and then roughly two weeks after that we can get our ART on.

the wait is really hard on us both. what helps cl keep going is actively doing something or planning something. we are at an ART standstill, the clinic sort of demands we take this month off as a final uterine house cleaning from may's m/c. i sorta felt like my ute was clean enough already after this current cycle, but since i wield not the drugs, nor the dildo cam, nor do i have any flexi-catheters to my name, the decision was not mine to make and the damn NP would not budge. so, nothing going on on that front. the adoption plan is at a standstill too, for at least the next 6 mos, because we need to be in the same place for the pre-and-post placement visits. and where might that place be? we have no idea. so, as cl told me yesterday, his plan for the next month is not to think about it, or to think about it as little as possible.

i almost got him a little card for father's day (because he will be a father eventually, by god), but i'm glad i didn't since right now anything on that front just makes him sad.

if only we could spend the next month drunk, or if not that, in hawaii, or if not that, at least not 12 hrs apart by car. on the other hand, at least he's not in iraq, so i can't really complain. much.


ultimatejourney said...

For me, the waiting is one of the hardest parts of IF. Since you probably can't spend the next month drunk, maybe treating yourselves to a few nice dinners and/or special outings will make the time go by a little faster. Good luck.

Leah said...

Waiting sucks. And what is with AF torturing you being a holdout? That's just cruel.

I'm looking forward to meeting you tomorrow night at White Flint.