Sunday, June 3, 2007

home, home again

oh dear, what can i say? those folks over at lolcat are still cracking my a$$ up. tee hee.

i am back from 3wks in charleston and 3 days in la visiting my lovely sister and her husband. all told, i had a fabulous time. the only down parts about the LA trip were the OB's office on thursday (though i did get to see the babies on sono) and her not letting me take many pictures (though i did get some). my pecs actually hurt from swinging on the bars and rings they have on the beach at santa monica. and the santa monica pier was hoppin. jt schooled my a$$ in foozball, but i took her back to school in air hockey. i rode the pirate ship ride, and while i was on it i remembered why i don't ride that ride. it is because of all the falling. i actually have a weird memory associated with that ride. i remember me and my sister being on a pirate ship ride at an amusement park when we were both very little, and i remember us
sliding out underneath the lap bar. i remember us huddled together on the floor of the ride between the bottom of the bench of the seat that had held us and the back of the seat in front of us while the ride was still in motion. i had thought of it since then, and in the way that time makes things murky, had assumed it was a dream. but i was talking to jt about it and she assured me it very much happened. she vividly remembers us huddling together on the floor of that ride too. crazy! we are lucky we didn't fall out.

we went to a delicious italian restaurant on sat night, and just before we entered jt went to the "bushes" (actually one very sad, very scraggly weed poking out between the concrete slabs behind the restaurant) to puke. people were going by giving her and me the double stink eye, i guess thinking she was wasted. at one point between retches, her nose running and her eyes streaming with tears, my poor sis calls out to the judgy mcjudgertons 'it's ok, i'm just pregnant!' it was kinda funny actually.

2ww churns on. in the immortal words of radiohead 'just cause you feel it, doesn't mean it's there.' next visit to rei 6/6. i drank wine and coffee because if i abstain, then i definitly won't be pregnant. if i do imbibe, i might possibly be. consult uterinus's law if you don't believe me. plus, since my track record isn't so great, i feel like i can't spend 2 wks out of every month (or however long the cycle is) making big concessions to phantom babies ad infinitum. for an actual baby, with an actual heartbeat, yes. for a maybe baby, no.

have my first clinical rotation tomorrow of the summer semester, in a pediatric orthopedics office. i am excited but nervous, as orthopedics=not my strongest subject. oh well.

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LJ said...

I love that radiohead quote - it is so true. It's like my brain is playing tricks on me, and I don't know what's real anymore. Maybe I should take a nap, wake me up when it is time for my beta.

I love the "It's okay, I'm just pregnant!". Hilarious.