Wednesday, June 20, 2007

how i know that fertility god has a sense of humor

today at my women's health clinical i was talking to a 36yo patient who was a mother of eight. she said she got her tubes tied after her seventh, and then preceeded to concieve and miscarry twins, then concieve and deliver her 8th child and seventh son, now two years old. after he was born, she had her tubes cauterized. this, to me, is proof that the gods of fertility are either a) huge fans of irony or b) possessed of an entirely evil sense of humor.

i've also been doing cervical exams for a little bit now and getting better at them. today was my first attempt at a spec exam on a non-paid model (ie--an actual patient). i couldn't find the damn cervix at all, and eventually turned the reigns over to my preceptor, god love her. she could find a cervix blindfolded with one hand tied behind her back.

cl is going to be seen tomorrow at 8am. initially he was told there was nothing available for several weeks, but someone somewhere took pity on him and tomrrow's spot materialized. i've got my fingers crossed that it will be helpful.


Tuesday said...

I hope it'll be okay for him too.

Tuesday said...

... And if I hadn't hit return so early in my last comment, I would have also said, "I know what you mean about the sense of humor in the Universe. I never even try to decipher any of it."

I know how to comment correctly, I swear.

LJ said...

That's insane. I mean, I'm not a lawsuit type of person, but if the woman had her tubes tied and got pregnant twice? Something clearly did not get done right...but also, irony is not lost on me for this one.

And I thought of you today, I use this graphic as my background:

ultimatejourney said...

Wow, that's really crazy. And ironic. I agree with LJ -- that sounds lawsuit-worthy.

I hope the appointment goes well.

Changing Expectations said...

I hope that the appointment goes well tomorrow.

Unbelievable story. I think that you are right - the fertility gods are laughing at all of us. Oh, the irony of your story. I still am shaking my head.

Max said...

I'm thinking about you <3