Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Trigger Timing? (updated 5pm)

So, at Ye Olde Dildo Cam bright and early this morning we found an 18mm (???) and a 14mm on the right, along with a smattering of littles, and a 10mm on the left with the same smattering of too-smalls. They want me to trigger tonight, and I am quite afeared. I'm only CD13, and i've never triggered this early, or ever ovulated this early. Plus last time, as you may recall, i didn't ovulate with the shot i think in part because it was too early. but they state if i wait until tomorrow night to trigger i might miss the dominant follicle (wither on the vine like overripe fruit?). Here then, are the questions currently on repeat loop on my inner monologue:
--is it silly to trigger with an 18mm?
--is it better to wait until the follicle is a little bigger?
--what if they misjudged the size of the dominant follicle and it's really only a 17?

ugh. ugh i say.

lots of thanks to blogland, esp geohde and LJ. my clinic is a teaching hospital, so the person i saw this am for the dildo cam was a resident, who i will probably never see again. i think they only do one month in "family planning" as it's so euphamistically called, before they go on to bigger and better things in OB-GYN land. the attendings, at least, are there for 6mos. and the NP is on staff, but she's impossible to to get ahold of. anyway, i called the clinic and asked to speak to the attending, spelling out my situation as clearly as i could to the "crisis nurse" (perhaps less euphamistically titled?). talking to the resident wouldn't help, because the resident told me when to trigger based on what the attending told her (confused yet?). now i was clearly not important enough to warrant a return call from the attending, but the crisis nurse called me back and said that SHE had spoken to the attending regarding my situation, and the verdict is: i can trigger tomorrow night if i prefer, if i can have intercourse (HA!) tonight in case i ovulate the 18m early. even though we don't face any known male factor issues, this is not an option with CL 650+ miles away. plus, as geohde explained, you actually can have too ripe follicles in addition to not-ripe enough ones. so, i'm going to take a nap on the theory that naps help boost follicle growth (i made it up but it seems plausible) and trigger tonight. plus, i'm avoiding a paper so it works out that way too.

ps--i forgot to mention yet further proof that fertility gods live for irony: the resident this AM in infertility clinic was, i'm guessing, about 7mos pregnant.


In and Out of Luck said...

I had those same measurements practically on CD 10. 18, 16, 13. They had me trigger that night and did the IUI on CD12. Who knows. They seemed to think that was normal.

Also, I assume your appointment was at the crack of dawn, so the 18 might be 19 by tonight. Good luck my dear

Geohde said...

Glad I could be of service ;)

ultimatejourney said...

You've already made a decision, but just out of curiosity...does your clinic do bloodwork? My RE seemed to place as much weight on the estradiol levels as on the follicle size.

Good luck with the trigger.

LJ said...

I'm sorry I was on the phone earlier, but I know that you'll make the right choice for you.

see you next week!

Lea Bee said...

no, not beyond the cd3 etc testing. i think i will ask for an estradiol level next time.

Anonymous said...

reading along...

SaraS-P said...

Argh! I hate the trigger timing game! Good luck!