Monday, October 8, 2007

this picture is from saturday's tournament. we are all lined up at the endzone to start the point and we lift our hands to show we are ready to recieve the disc. since it's a 'drink in hand point' we all raise our drinking hand to show we are holding a beverage, and the beverage must stay in hand throughout the entire point. all my teammates held up yinglings, but not me because i find that running + beer = vomit. so i had the vitamin water, the only non alcoholic drink to be seen on either side of the field.

speaking of vomit, i title this picture 'rod contemplates the beer smoothie.'

today i have to go do my rotation at the hospital, which i don't want to do, and i have to start my paper this week which i REALLY don't want to do. also, cl left for sc today which makes me sad :(. i would like to go back to bed and wake up when there are fewer unpleasant tasks waiting for my attention.

3 days into the 12day wait. anyone want to hear about phantom symptoms? meh, me either.


Chili said...

Beer smoothie?!?! Blech!

Hope the next 9 days go quickly for you.

Geohde said...

Phantom symptom away!

I'll listen :)

The least I can do for your patience over my repeated neggo wee-sticks!


LJ said...

I know anything I have right now is faux, so feel free to vent away.

Are we on tomorrow?