Thursday, October 11, 2007


i'm TIRED. if i have any 2ww symptoms, it's that. on the other hand, tired is kind of a general condition for me; it'd be nice if i only felt tired 2 wks in 4. would it be wrong of me to go to bed tonight at 9pm? i know it'd be lame, but oh well. i've begun the paper i have to write and i've got a few tests next week. ugh.

one of my clincals right now is in an adult ER. i'm not actually participating in the care of my patients. i go in and get a history and do a physical completely for my own benefit, and because i'm required to do so to pass my class. i guess the school would argue a benefit is having a second set of eyes/ears on board to make sure nothing is missed etc, which is true i guess. i just feel bad sometimes poking at sick people for what is probably nominal gain to them.

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Geohde said...

I've spent most of the last five years doing exactly that and thinking about what a colossal waste of time it is.