Sunday, October 14, 2007

bad information/rant/updated with bad news

ok, here is a rant, i know it's a rant. it is also not IF related, so feel free to skip.

there is so much BAD BAD information about vaxes out there. some crackpot writes some conspiracy theory $hit about government and big pharma trying to poison babies for profit, puts it on his web and viola! the idiots applaud his crack stab at entrenched interests. it is absolutely exhausting to try and fight against it. if you aren't restricted up by "facts" you can make on hell of an argument about how unsafe everything is and this one causes autism and that one causes f+ck all. meanwhile, science is not blameless in's hard to argue against propaganda with 'current evidence does not support the hypothesis that x causes y, but research is ongoing.' yea, real convincing there.

i don't know why i care. it's not MY children, and it will never be my children (if i am lucky enough to ever have/raise children). if others want to take such risks with their children, than so be it. it's just infuriating to see such drivel put out as fact, and then to see other people just swallow it as fact. can ANYONE look beyond emotional rhetoric anymore?

and...i am going to FAIL my test on tuesday...i need to put teh internets DOWN and step away...

and, as of right now, i'm spotting. fuck. guess i'm going to fail my test tomorrow morning too.


Geohde said...

I hope that you pass your test with flying colours.

I totally, completely agree about all the scaremongers and the vax bs that goes on too. SHits me to tears.

As for the spotting...well crap.


LJ said...

You know I'm thinking of you...