Monday, July 30, 2007

my blisters have blisters

just back from an ultimate tournament in wild.wood new.jersey. it's a beach tournament and fun as hell but HOLY CRAP am i sore today. the insides of each toe are swollen and blistered. the irony is i hobbled all around today at my orthopedic clincal. i didn't dare mention that i spent the weekend at the beach playing ultimate, because that would imply that: a) i had free time and b) i did not spend my "free" time studying. since i could not name the divisions of the ulnar nerve below the antecubital fossa, i certainly do NOT have time to be playing ultimate on the beach. anyway, wild.wood is looks like a carnival threw up on the boardwalk. nevertheless it was a lovely tournament and i will put pictures up as soon as my lazy ass gets around to it.

speaking of lazy...on thurs i had a 13 and an 11 and a smattering of littles. you figure 1mm/day minimum, 2mm/day average and 3mm/day possible because of the clo.mid. today i had 1 18mm, a 15mm and a 14mm and some littles. so, either the 13mm did the minimum amound of growing acceptable, or it arrested and the 11 powered up to the plate. either way, on the strength of the 18mm i'm triggering tonight for a weds iui. hopefully that one will be mature enough but we can't wait much longer because quadruplets are not my thing. for some people, maybe. for me, definitly not.


ultimatejourney said...

Ooh, the blisters don't sound so fun, but they do sound like they were worth it!

Good luck with the IUI.

Geohde said...

You mean the ulnar nerve has *divisions* now??? I was happy knowing that it came from the brachial plexus and not the milky way.

F*ck me dead! That thar sounds like information I should know too. Yet, strangely enough, cannot think how I'd apply anyway. It *must* be medical in that case. :)

Sorry about A) my potty mouth and B) your blisters.