Thursday, July 5, 2007

just a quickie

i wanted to give a superfast update. i feel like the count is ON finally for the next cycle we can try. i'm 3 days into my 2ww, so the iui is less than a month away. i'll be picking up the clo.mid this weekend, so i feel like the ball is rolling.

cl doesn't know what he'll do when he gets back from the army. he gets back in november, which is a tough time for a teacher to return. i just want him to do something. if we pretend that i might possibly (ptu! ptu! ptu!) be preg at that time, having him home and underemployed means he can make me food and keep the apt clean :). somehow i don't think he'll find that plan very exciting. and, to be honest, i'm not sure i'd like him home all the time either.

OH, i just remembered i wanted to make a confession to the blog world, because it's just too embarrasing to confess this IRL. anyway, i was doing prenatals today and there was this 34wks preg lady with prob a 5yo girl and a 3yo girl. i asked if she knew what she was having, and she said 'a girl' in a dissapointed affect, so i thought maybe she was upset because she wanted a boy. so i went on for a while about how cute they'd all be, and how she'd have clothes already etc. etc. kind of on a 3 girls isn't all bad type of tangent. she kept looking at me all cockeyed and strange. so then my preceptor enters the room and asks if she's getting counseling and how she's holding up emotionally, and it became clear to me that the woman had made an adoption plan for her baby. i felt, just, 40 different kinds of stupid. none of our patients that i've worked with at the clinic so far have made an adoption plan to date (and many are in very difficult situations), so i just assumed, i guess. after we were done that prenatal i set up a code phrase with my preceptor so that if she ever hears me shoving my foot down my throat or my head up my a$$ i have the potential to stop before i dig in even deeper.


ultimatejourney said...

Doesn't it feel great when the ball is finally rolling? Best of luck!

Changing Expectations said...

Glad that the next cycle is right around the corner.

Karen said...

Good luck with your next cycle.

Not to worry about the slip you made with your patient... it's the way you learn. At least you've set up a code with your preceptor ... it means you're learning from your mistakes. You certainly aren't the first and won't be the last to make similar mistakes.

LJ said...

Oh good luck sweetie, and don't stress about the foot sandwich you ate - we all do it. At least we know enough to feel bad about it, right?