Saturday, July 21, 2007

lazy much?

day two from the clo.mid fields, and i feel fine. the only thing i detect is a laziness that threatens to swallow me up into its soft fuzzy bliss. things i should do today: 1--assignment due monday that i will have to redo if it sucks; 2--pick up mail from UPS that will be returned to sender if i don't; 3--play ultimate with the team i paid good money to join 4--go shopping since i am down to eating stale cereal with rancid butter for breakfast. things i want to do: nap on the sofa in front of the tv. well, its hard to blame the laziness on the clomid, but i thought i'd try. on the good side, i slept 11 hours yesterday :). i dreamt i was with the hyannis port kennedy's, and one of them was born with a shortened arm, and died of complications from it at 2yrs of age. i'm not trying to read much into that one...probably not worth it.

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