Monday, July 2, 2007

and you call yourself a mental health professional?

i was down in charleston today so cl and i went to see what i think is a lcsw regarding the mc's and the struggles getting back to baseline emotionally, especially poor cl. i've had some experience with counselors, but this guy hit a new low, and it only took him 30 mins to do it! i kid you not: within the first 1/2 hr he managed to get in not just one, but all, of the following:
--the 'adopt and you'll concieve' mantra
--relax, how important it is just to relax,
--how all his kids were 'pop-ups' they just kinda happened!

he rounded out the trifecta with some advice about how i maybe need to gain a little bit of weight and then i can get pregnant with no problem. seeing as how my RE's never mentioned my weight as an issue, i think i'm going to let that one slide along with the rest of it. i think couples going thru probs following a m/c was just NOT his forte. i guess he's alot better with soldiers coming back from deployment going through ptsd issues. god i hope so, or they are in significant trouble. the only good i could see from it is at least we didn't have to pay for it (not directly, anyway). i've had bad counseling sessions that i've had to pay for, so i guess there's that.

i want to give a tremendously joyous shout out to ultimate journey who after a long and hard road found two pink lines on her pee stick this morning. woo hoo!!! so exciting.

i also read this very interesting article from newsweek about the state of birth in the world today. not too shocking i guess, where health care is better overall, women tend to fare better too. but an interesting read nonetheless.


ultimatejourney said...

That counselor sounds awful! It's hard to believe a licensed practitioner could be so insensitive to IF issues. Even if he specialized in something else, he had to have some basic training, right?

Thanks for the shout out! There are still a lot of hurdles before there's a healthy baby in my arms, but this is the closest I've gotten yet, so I'm celebrating the small milestone.

LJ said...

Sorry for the harsh language, but that guy's a dick. I mean, truly. That flies in the face of all that they teach you in school.

good lord.

When are you back home?

Somewhat Ordinary said...

Wow, that guy might need to go back to school! Never, never go back to him. He sucks!! I'm so sorry that happened to you and hopefully you can find someone with a little more sensitivity!

Bean said...

UGH, sorry you had to deal with such an awful session, when you were looking for help. I agree with lj -- what a dick! Anyway, sorry and hope things get better. Take care.

Max said...

that 'relax, and it'll happen' crap is just that: crap. I'm sorry that you guys had such a lousy experience with the counselor :(

MLO said...

That person should be reported because he violated every rule of counseling that I remember learning when I thought about becoming a counselor.

You don't give people "happy" or "simple" solutions. You listen. You allow grief. Are you sure he was licensed???