Sunday, July 15, 2007

the divine issuance from my loins?

the ball is very near to getting started, so to speak. if my dear old auntie would ever show up, we could get started. my lp's vary much more than one would think. if it doesn't show up tomorrow i'm going to POAS, even though a + would mean that i'm carrying the fruit of the lord in my womb.

i'm in SC right now and my poor hubs and i have survived a 3 day visit from my dad and his wife. very stressful.

an online friend of mine delivered a healthy baby girl after an early induction (37wks) due to pre-eclampsia. she recieved pitocin and an epidural and had a vaginal delivery. the babe was discharged home with bililights due to jaundice. she is opting to formula feed and breastfeed at this time. i feel bad for her because i'm worried that our online community is not as supportive of her as they have been of other births (even a completely reckless homebirth that narrowly skirted abject disaster)...her birth was maybe everything they don't want for themselves or any birth: induction, pitocin, epidural, formula. so some people are writing supportive comments to her and others are writing 'i know it's hard, but don't give up on the breastfeeding.' i'm not sure that's supportive IMHO. i think we should all support one another's laboring, birthing, and childrearing choices even if they are different from our own or how we would want them to be. i've worked with many many children over my life and in the past few years in pediatrics. breastmilk vs bottle, cosleeping vs crib, pacifier vs thumb, none of it matters as much as people in it think it does. what really truly matters is an invested parent, better two invested parent. after that, the difference between one thing or another is subtle gradients that also depends on the temperament of the child and what works best for her. ANYWAY, i'm dissapointed that people wouldn't be more supportive of her when her outcome was so good, especially in comparison to homebirths that have less positive outcomes.

do we care about people or the path? is 'natural' so important that we cant find love and support for those who take a different path? :(


dmarie said...

People can be so judgmental. I don't really think they mean to be all the time--but they are. If you're supportive of her, perhaps others will follow your lead and offer the same.

LOL @ the "fruit of the Lord."

Geohde said...

I think it is truly nobody's business but the parents. You're absolutely right that the most important part is two people invested in the welfare of their child, not the subtlties of how they do it.

As long as everybody gets the option to go about the whole childbirth and rearing thing as they see fit, whilst accepting whatever risks that means in an informed way, that is the main thing.

Hell, I plan to go elective c-section all the way (should I ever conceive again), and I bet *that* isn't a popular 'natural' option. But it's my informed decision, and I'm sticking to my guns.

Leah said...

Okay, so do we have another immaculate conception or what? Did you POAS this morning? Enquiring minds want to know...

Lea Bee said...

no divine issuance or devil's spawn this month. it's cd1 over here.

Max said...