Monday, February 8, 2010

tired! (possibly a recurring theme)

today was our first "real" day back home. i had to work and e went to daycare. it looked like this:
630a: get up
700: leave house, drive to daycare
730: drop e off at daycare, drive to work
8a-5p: work
530: pick e up at daycare, drive home
6p: home, feed e, read books, get ready for bed
7p: put baby to bed, shovel the gazillion inches of snow in driveway
730p: dishes, picking up
8p: "relax"
9p: realize i've fallen asleep in front of the computer.
930p: realize i've fallen asleep again in front of the computer, give up, go to bed fer realz.


CL said...

thank you B for all tha you do!! give that EZ and yourself a squeeze (())))

Meghan said...

This is my much delayed welcome back! Hope you got a good sleep, any chance of a snow day for ya?

LJ said...

Exhausting day, for sure. Sorry, hon.