Friday, February 5, 2010


well, after a long hiatus i may be recharging up the old blog. my hubs just left for a stay over in the desert, and i thought this blog would be a good way of keeping in touch with our day-to-day life in addition to everything else: email, skype, carrier pigeon, etc.

i guess not much is new and everything is new. baby is napping and i'm blogging to keep my heart from breaking. how do you look into the face of a 6mos separation and keep going? well, right now i'm not. i'm kind of looking at it sideways and an hour at a time.

am contemplating big job change: move to maryland! another fqhc, but hopefully better than the one i'm at currently. second interview is next week, wish me luck!

pictures to follow, i promise!

a question for any random person that might happen to read and have some tech savvy: this blog is associated with my yahoo email, and i want to change it to be linked to my gmail. blogger will not allow. any ideas why?


LJ said...

Wait - did he re-up? I thought he was done for a bit? And Maryland? Yippeeeee! But that's just selfish me speaking.

CL said...

awesome to already have a comment :) :)