Tuesday, February 16, 2010

10% improvement--at what cost?

so, the interview at the hometown clinic went ok. you know how sometimes you leave an interview with a warm fuzzy feeling? well, that didn't happen. i think some things would be better than my current clinic: for instance, i didn't get the impression that upper management was beyond-the-pale-insane. i can't even tell you the dread i feel even at opening my work email just to see what new and crazy thing is going down.

on the other hand, the resources to do the job i do are not as available at the new place. the support from other people would be less available. even computer support would be less available. and, just like where i am now, my feet would be to the fire over the great god of productivity. that won't go away.

and, some things would be worse. traffic is much much worse in the hometown. where i live now, i travel 20 min in one direction on the most heavily traveled road in the area to drop E off at daycare, and then turn right around and come back down the same road to go to work, twice a day. i can't even imagine traveling the beltway 4x a day, i would never have any life outside of the car. just going one direction today what should have taken 25 minutes took almost an hour.

so, overall i think the improvement would be about 10%-15%. is that worth moving everything, pulling e out of a good daycare, and doing it all while cl is gone? i don't know...right now it's an academic question since there's no offer on the table. but i guess one thing i know is that all clinics of the same type of one where i work are bad: the salient question is how bad?


Meghan said...

The last few days the beltway has been especially bad with the storm. Your real commute might not be AS bad.

Hope you get that offer

CL said...

sorry it wasn't better B. are commuting hours mandatory during rush hour times or is possibility to alter work shift there?? will you be able to do a shadow day too??

LJ said...

Plus you have lots of friends to play with here :)

Geohde said...

I suck at decisions like this. I hate traffic w a passion,