Thursday, February 11, 2010

picky eaters?

thanks for the responses on the previous post. :)

moms who have picky eaters, how do you get your babe to try new foods? e will eat most carbs, but very little else consistently. a glance at his daycare food sheet shows that most of what he ate today was oyster crackers and quartered grapes. there are about 15 foods he will reliably eat--thankfully one is a meat/bean stew--but i'm having trouble branching off from it. because he'll eat baked beans with meat, i tried a pot roast tonight and nada. i remind myself that toddlers need very little by way of nutrition or protein to keep going (which is somewhat helpful because if e is getting a consistent protein intake, i'll be darned if i know what it is) or the lot of them would have died out long ago.


Heather said...

Katherine is super picky. She started branching out a bit when I started keeping my nephew who eats EVERYTHING.

I just keep giving her stuff. Every time we eat it, it goes on her tray. Some days she will try stuff. Mostly it just goes over the side to the dogs. Some days she eats it like she can't get enough. There is no rhyme or reason with my kid. She loves carbs too.

LJ said...

I never know what V will eat at any given meal, it's really freaking hard!

Anonymous said...
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Geohde said...

I'm brutal :)

I figure my kids won't let themselves starve, so I offer one healthy meal choice with variety that we ALL eat, and if they don't eat it, it goes away after half an hour and there is no consolation prize. They worked it out!


CL said...

don't forget that E is much pickier and eats less when sick and he has ear infection now