Monday, February 15, 2010

good gracious, i know she MEANS well...

so today was a hectic day to say the least. in town for 24hrs for a job interview (wish me luck, fingers crossed). poor ez has been running a not-insignificant temp for >48hrs. i took him to the dr's before the plane ride (ear infection: his third in 3 mos, plus the reactive airway disease) and made the plane by the very skin on my teeth. yep folks, i was still going through security, watching e's motrin get strip searched and otherwise violated, with 10 MINUTES to go until takeoff. the plane did not take off without me, and i stopped feeling like i was going to vomit from exertion from sprinting through the terminal about 15 minutes into the flight. good times, good times.

anyway, my dear mom (mdm) is supposed to pick me up from the airport at noon. my thought was we'd then go home and put poor sick baby to bed. i get off the plane, walk through security to baggage claim and no mdm. i call and she assures me that she's no more than 5 min to the airport. pause. was she supposed to bring the carseat?


um, you are kidding me, right? seeing as how 22lbs doesn't meet the requirement for unrestrained seating in this or any other state (not even kansas, and we know how crazy them folks are), how about YES. YES i WAS hoping you brought the carseat so i wouldn't have to leave the baby in an airport locker. so, we ate lunch in the airport while stepdad drove back home, picked up the carseat and drove back to the airport to get us.

she means well, and she raised two children to competent adulthood, but ai-yai-yai! last time i visited she watched e for me so i could sleep in which is very nice of her...and when i got up to take him he was still in his pajamas (ok) but also still in his night diaper (ewwwww). oh well.

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LJ said...

Okay, that had me laughing - the mdm stuff. My folks do shit like that ALL THE TIME. Awesome stuff. Fingers crossed for the interview!!