Friday, February 5, 2010

they know more than they let on?

either demons possessed E this afternoon, or he sensed something was up. his daddy left around naptime, and E woke up from his nap like a baby possessed. when he wasn't whining, he was hitting (a troublesome new "skill" he's picked up this week) and when he wasn't doing those he was screaming or wailing. of course, it rained today during our sunny fla vacay no less, so our go-to-the-park plans were scrapped in favor of just crawling around the hotel. of course, i had grand plans for myself tonight after e was asleep (gym, hot tub) and executed a grand 0 of those. all i did was hang out in the darkness of the hotel room plunking away on my computer. computer:1 me:0. maybe i'll do things tomorrow.

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LJ said...

Ugh - so sorry!