Sunday, May 27, 2007

pixie blonde amphetamine eating nemesis

charleston ultimate is a tough but friendly crowd. there's this one little pixie girl there that i swear must chew amphetamines for breakfast with a side of anabolic steroids and some crack sprinkled on top. she's little, but goddamn is she speedy. it was pickup and thankfully we were on the same team today because defending her is a lesson in humility, with a pinch of misery and a side of why-am-i-doing-this-again? it's nice to share the wealth a little with the other females that show up. the last time i showed up for ultimate there were only a few females that came and it was me against her each time. just not fun, really.

after playing we went to fresh fields. um...yum! i love summer. peaches! cherries! chocolate! a trifecta of tastebud yum.

my opk today, while still negative, was slightly less negative than yesterday. those of you that pee on sticks regularly (none of whom are reading this blog, i'm sure) know what i mean. yesterday was dead negative, today was still negative, but at least the second line showed up. maybe yesterday's ewcm was a portend of an o, maybe next week? or maybe my cervix was exuberant for some reason unknown to me. dreams of zach braff maybe. who knows why a cervix does the things it does?

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