Sunday, May 27, 2007

ooooooof (or, what is the sound of one stomach expanding?)

cl and i just got back from kaminsky's in charleston. that place has absolutely amazing desserts and coffee drinks. i had a nutty irish (yah yah yah) which was coffee, irish creme and amaretto. and whipped cream. mmmmmmmmmm. cl had a kaminsky which is coffee, almond liquor and something else. kahlua? dust from one pixie? emulsified happiness? who knows...that plus the raspberry cheesecake plus the huge greek dinner that preceded it and i'm stuffed up to my eyeballs. all i need is the crane to lift me out of that place and swing me back here.

i'll say if there's one good thing about not being preggers, it's kaminsky's. as shameful as it is to admit, it was one of the first positive things i could come up with after the m/c. what can i say? i guess being overly attached to one's liquor can have an up side :).

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