Saturday, January 26, 2008

the rollercoaster continues

50+ follicles today
the largest was a 21. i didn't track them all, but most were around 14-16 with several 17-18 and a few 20's.
e2 pending
some fluid around the r ovary and in the pelvis

i picked up another ant.agon/ganril.ex shot today. pending the e2 i'll either trigger or take the gan.rilex. one of the dr's who was not familiar with my case reacted with utter horror when i told her the # of follicles i had. i wish i hadn't said anything. another dr who is familiar said they've been talking about me the last few days. never a good sign. these dr's i ran into in the hall, since the wanding was done by a resident that i've never met before...again.

i had a nightmare yesterday that i was in the car with my sister and mother...i was squished in the back seat. the car was on an overpass, and took a sharp zag through a concrete chute into open space. the falling sensation was incredible, i literally felt myself adhered to the ceiling of the car as i fell. i woke up with a start and wondered if my R ovary had ruptured.

i also failed to appropriately set my alarm for 545 and i woke up late...but at 6am. amazing.

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