Wednesday, January 23, 2008

"like gangbusters" (updated)

RE referring to, of course, mighty righty. i am on day 7 of stims, including today, cd 10. i have 18 (!!) follies on the right, i think i had one 14, 5-6 13's, 5-6 11's and a smattering of littles.

i had 6 on the left, 2 11's, a 9, and 3 6's.

apparently, at least the right, responds well to stims. now we know.

he said they like the e2 to be about 200pg/dl on day 5 of stims, and mine was 3x that. so depending on what today's e2 is determines what happens next. for now they cut the dose of stims again, so i'm on 1/2 dose of bra.velle + full dose lu.pron in the am, and full dose bra.velle and full dose lu.pron in the evening. they want me to come in tomorrow AM for bloodwork but i'm trying to push it to friday because i have class an hour and a half away from the clinic at 0830. so i'd have to get to the clinic at 6am. and let us say...BOOOOO!

based in the info so far, it looks like retrieval (aka big sharp pointy stick in the vadge) sunday or monday. i've yet to find a compounding pharmacy in the area for my PIO, so that's my next chore.

what are the odds that LJ my cycle sistah and chaperone, would have her own date with the vag.inal needle of doom on the same day? crazy.

ummm, OK. my e2 is 2958. i have to go get my bw tomorrow and i'm sure retrieval won't be later than monday.


Lori said...

May the needle of doom become the needle of (baby) boom for both you and LJ.

LJ said...

Let me know how the bloodwork comes back today - I am tres curious!