Wednesday, January 30, 2008

kvetchy post (no egg update)

this is going to be a whiny, kvetchy post in which i give no info on the state of the 11, because i don't have any. which brings me to my first point of contention:

1--the non-responsiveness/non-customer orientedness of my clinic. there are's cheaper since it's partially covered by the military...but there are significant disadvantages. the constant rotation of care providers. no-one answering their phones. no one calling me back in anything like a timely manner (like, 3-5 days goes by). they act like they are sort of doing us a favor by providing the service. if this cycle doesn't work i'm strongly considering leaving. i think i'd rather pay more money and have someone who at least acts like they give a crap than deal with this 'you'll-take-what-we-give-you-and-like-it' military mentality. to wit: i called to see how the 11 were doing. i would like to know if any/all were still there. it's not crazy; i put ALOT into this, and i'm on edge here. when someone finally answered the phone they said that there were no updates and they would let us know tomorrow at our appt. basically the only way we hear anything before then is if they all go kaput. and here i thought it was customary to be told how things were going on a more or less daily basis. oh well.

2--it could be the OHSS, but i ended up with far more diminished returns than i thought we would. 23 eggs from 50 follicles seems like a big loss. the rest i guess seems more reasonable: 19 mature from 23 eggs; but then i'm suprised again that only 11 fertilized normally. if they keep dropping at this rate, there won't be any left. i was hoping with 50 follicles that i'd end up with some embies to freeze (and thus NEVER have to go through a stim cycle again) but now i'm not so sure we'll have any. it's weird to go from a relative superabundance to a relative dearth in just a few short days.

3--and speaking of ohss, i'm symptomatic and it sucks. i got albumin in my iv on monday to ward off ascites but my stomach really is just unimaginably bloated. and it hurts. and when i laugh my entire stomach hurts including my sides and my shoulders. and i'm afraid to mention it for fear they'll cancel transfer. i'm hoping the fluid will just get resorbed sooner rather than later.

4--no one told me how much it would hurt to pee the day of retrieval but it did. all day.

5--of course, this could all change in a flicker if tomorrow's report is good


Meghan said...

Sorry you're still in pain and uncomfortable. I really was hoping that once they took out all those follies, you'd feel a lot better.

Hoping you get some answers soon. When is your transfer scheduled?

shinejil said...

How frustrating to deal with a clinic that has so little sense of how to care for you! I hope the 11 do great and your transfer goes smoothly.

DD said...

It is super rare for once embryos get to fertilization that they keep dropping off in numbers. Yes, I know that it sucks to feel as if you lost so many...

However, lets say you now lose 10%. That leaves you 10. Transfer two gorgeous ones and freeze 8. That's a remarkable back up. Even 4 is a wonderful back up. I only had one cycle out of 3 that ever had any left to freeze and that really sucks.

LJ said...

I think the answer is yes, but did they do ICSI? Up to 50% loss is normal.

I'm eager to hear about the 11....