Saturday, January 12, 2008

i know they are good for female kind but...

i *hate* being on the pill. seriously, it makes me feel like hammered poo. i don't know how i was on it for 15+ yrs (HA!) because it makes me nauseous and starving all at the same time. eating helps neither the nausea, nor the hunger. delightful. i didn't notice it before, but i guess in the 3 or so years i've been off the pill, i've recalibrated. and then, of course, there's the rich irony of being on the pill in and of itself.

i'm going to switch to taking it right before bed and see if that helps. cheeky bastards.


ultimatejourney said...

Sorry the pill is treating you so poorly. I hope that taking it at night is better.

Meghan said...

I used to take mine at night. I hated those damn things.

Hope you start to feel better