Tuesday, September 11, 2007

slightly scuffed, semi battered, but we made it

well, the 8 hrs drive with the beasts was not nearly as bad as i thought it would be.

pirate got freaking roofied. one cat tranquilizer pill and that was all she wrote. he fell asleep in charleston and woke up in hyattsville. then he spent an amusing hour or so staggering about, batting at invisible bugs and staring at the tracers. today he's back to his sack of cat self which involves lots of begging for food, begging for attention, and/or swatting at bugs.

getting the benadryl in rocco was a signficant challenge. as LJ so aptly stated, i ended up wearing alot of the syrup, and he foamed at the mouth in a pretty good imitation of scary-rabid-cat. next time i think we will use a chewable, or break apart an adult tablet. he did ok on the actual trip. he slept most of it, waking up every 45mins or so for a minute or two to vociferiously indicate displeasure. that was much better than the way down in which the ratios were reversed: 45minutes of crying followed by a minute or two of sleeping.

my semester has started and i'm doing adults. i much prefer pediatrics, but i have to do 2 semesters of adults in order to graduate, so that's what i'm doing.

the 2ww drags on. i actually had a temp of >98.0F this am. this means i'm catching a cold or i should stop taking my temp until i can POAS. HA! as if i had the willpower to do that! to keep myself sane though, i scheduled my u/s for next month for the next clomid cycle. i think that was exactly the right thing for me to do smack in the middle of 2ww, where the hormones are strong, the tensions run high, and all the follicles are above average.


LJ said...

I told you!!! Mr. Badger and I will laugh for hours when we have to do that to Roper. Then I feel bad because I made him so miserable. But miserable in a messy and totally adorable way.

Glad you are back in town...we need to grab that drink, missy!

In and Out of Luck said...

You're a PHC fan! I used to have a "powder milk biscuits: heavens, they're tasty" tee shirt.

I hate temping. Hate it totally. If it's high, I have a fever. If it's low, the battery's dead. There's always some way out of the answer.

phunkymama1 said...

glad to made it back safe & sound!
when will you poas?