Tuesday, September 18, 2007

isn't waiting fun? (updated 6p, still waiting)

today i woke up feeling very AF crampy...but with a temp well above coverline. yesterday my temp was *just* above coverline, so i figured it was on its way down. i even picked up next month's clo.mid and adjusted my scan appt given what was surely to be cd 1 (today). but today my temp is much higher.

so, i'll wait, trying not to cling too tightly to hope with the last vestiges of my quickly fleeting sanity. i don't have the optimism to pee on devil sticks all day. plus, my uterus feels to me like AF is imminent. if no AF tomorrow and elevated temp, i'll test then.

my uterus does most things wrong, but i'll say this for myself: i do NOT have a luteal phase defect, that's for damn sure.

i wish that frikking AF would start so we could get the ball rolling on the next cycle. limboland sucks my entire a$$. i've been crampy all day and keep rushing to the bathroom to see if AF started, but the b*tch has not shown up yet. i guess its the hope that she won't show that makes all this exquisitely worse.

i think today i'm not fit for human consumption so its a good thing i'm just here with the cats. as long as i feed them, they don't care if i do it while i'm half crazy or the whole way there. they *are* pretty whiny right now, which is a mite irritating, but then so am i, so i probably shouldn't cast dispersions.
blogging, a bit like masturbating at times. got to be able to respect yourself in the morning.


dmarie said...

I'm going to be calling them devil sticks from now on!

I'm armed with AF Stay Away spray over here. Seriously, I'm really hoping for ya!

kim99 said...

Good luck -- thinking about you!

Geohde said...

Clomid gave me LP's of 17 days before I got preggers.

Then I could barely manage nine.

I hope it is good news, despite the cramps,



LJ said...

Devil sticks and masturbation. Could there be a more complete blog post? I think not.