Tuesday, September 4, 2007

it started with jo**die fo**ster

maybe this is sleep deprivation, or too much time exposure to news media, but i feel all feminist/radical right now. it started with jo**die fo**ster. i was reading an EW article about her, and it talked about a screening she did of 'the accused' with an audience, in which said audience applauded the rape scene. she also mentioned da*kota fan*ning's upcoming movie in which she acts in a rape scene. then i turned the page of the magazine and the next images were a two page advertisement for the upcoming VMA's. it featured kan*ye we*st, fall out boy and a few other male artists front and center. the only female artist shown was rhianna off to the left corner. and, of course, all throughout the ad were female bodies. female arms draped across male chests. female butts hanging out of hot shorts. female legs spread apart, jutting out of high heeled boots. breasts just hanging. the only thing you didn't see much of were female faces...but the faces weren't the important part, obviously. i know, i know, it isn't mtv's fault exactly. they wouldn't sell sex if sex didn't sell. and, they're selling sex from the male point of view because that is how sex is sold (and consumed) in our culture. and because the artists they are featuring are male, and probably the studio execs that put the show together are male, and the money that finances the projects originates most likely from males. males run the TV networks, they produce the images we all consume, and when they want to sell a show using sex it is the half naked, faceless bodies of women that predominate. one could argue that a story that ends in rape starts with the image of a headless, objectified woman's body.

i dunno. people are the worst.

(that picture is of gloria steinem btw)


Changing Expectations said...

I don't get it either. Marketing is in the toilet.

dmarie said...

Don't even start me on this topic. I get soooo pissed off!!