Thursday, September 27, 2007

not much going on here. progres was made on travelgate 2007. the jist of it is: my sister is having the first grandbabies (plural. she's having twins) of the family in dec. she's planning to have family come out and help for the first few months. my mom definitly wants to come out and help...but she refuses to pick travel dates. i guess she has to keep her busy social schedule open, or desires to retain the ability to stay all 3 mos (oops!) without having to pay pesky airline rescheduling fees or whatever. but i need to have firm dates so i can plan, and so we can not overlap (because, god bless mom and all that, but the last thing my poor sis needs so soon after delivering twins is to have an apt full of relatives along with the two crying babies). j and i took the extraordinary step yesterday of employing none other than the secret jedi mind trick to get her to pick travel dates. now, the dark force was strong within her so we were only able to pin her down to one date: she will leave by mid dec, enabling me to travel out there mid dec. but the one date is alot better than we had before, which was none. we worked so hard at our telepathy that i think i levitated my book bag in the process, quite by accident.

in follicle news: none so far. still in the clo*mid fields, nothing to see here. hopefully more exciting news next week.


Geohde said...

I am hoping that you find your way out of the Clo.mid fields with a helpful follicle or two soon. :)


dmarie said...

My mom is staying with me for a month starting in December. I'm already stressing!

Love the kitty giving the doll a squeeze. lol

ultimatejourney said...

I've got my fingers crossed for exciting news next week.