Sunday, September 2, 2007

cappucino maker=1 me=0 kitchen=-23

well, i survived. no need to call the fire department. but just to save anyone else the trouble, here is what happens if you try to make cappucino without first properly securing 'the basket' to 'the machine':
at some moment when you least expect it, the basket part will come flying off the bottom of the machine with absolutely astounding velocity, sending steaming hot missilized particles of coffee grounds and boiling water everywhere. it may then be necessary to spend the better part of the next half our de-caffinating the floor, the walls, the new machine, one's eyeballs.

i'm going to try again with the cappucino tomorrow. wearing a helmet and a tyvek suit.

for those of you keeping count, no O yet.


ultimatejourney said...

Oh no! I hope it goes better tomorrow!

Changing Expectations said...

Wow, that couldn't have been pretty. I hope that it didn't take too long to clean up.

In and Out of Luck said...

Ouch. I did that once and had to go to the doctor with a burn. I liked your haiku by the way! (And my quote was from Turgenev, A Nest of Gentry)

Geohde said...


My husband once managed to have a bottle of (apprently well-shaken) champagne re-paint the kitchen.

Mmmm. Boozy kitchen smell.

At least coffee smells wholesome, not bar-floor.