Friday, August 3, 2007

trigger failure?

has anyone ever heard of an HCG shot failing to induce ovulation? i triggered Mon eve at 10p. on thurs am my bbt was 97.4. this morning it was 97.0. granted, it was 6am this morning after not much sleep. but still, 97.0 is a low temp, even for me. usu after a thermal shift my sleep deprived temps will at least be >97.5.

i know i gave myself the shot mon nite, and i know it's in my system because i took a dollar store urine hcg test both tues AM and this morning, and got the coveted double line both times. so, i know i injected something that contained at least some quantity of hcg.

i called the RE's office at and the physician told me that basically it is impossible not to ovulate after the hcg trigger. you can ovulate immature eggs that then fail to fertilize, but allegedly everyone ovulates after the hcg shot. well, i shot myself (HA!) mon eve and have not had an elevated temp yet. so, how can that be? she did not know either, but advised that i stop taking my bbt.

so, does anyone know? can a person fail to ovulate after a trigger shot?

i hate to recall this, but i did forget the unmixed ovi.drel in my car for about 4 hrs on a hot day...maybe i weakened it?

i guess if i somehow did fail to ovulate the iui might still work if i ovulate, say, today? argh, who knows!


dmarie said...

I just posted about this yesterday. I have a friend that this just happened to. And I did some looking around online and found a few people who experienced this as well. So, yes, it can happen. After saying all that, I hope this isn't the case with you. Will you get a blood test to confirm ovulation?

Karen said...

it CAN happen, but BBT is about the least accurate way to determine if you ovulated, because there are so many factors that can influence it.

Geohde said...

Trigger shots can fail, but not commonly. Generally there's a story of improper storage or injection technique, although I have heard of unexplained failures, too. I would have thought that if there was enough active drug to register on a wee test, that it would work, but who knows?

I think if you have immature follicles, they generally undergo atresia rather than ovulating, but it makes no diff, since they're not fertilisable anyway.

I hope that the trigger *did* work, can you have a serum progesterone to check? Or a quick scan before your IUI too see if there's still follicles hanging around?

Changing Expectations said...

I haven't heard of this. Maybe the temping just isn't showing that you ovulated. Not sure about this.

LJ said...

I'm stumped on that one. Can't they do a blood test to see if you O'd?

Anonymous said...

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