Thursday, August 9, 2007

curiously google directed someone to my blog with the search term 'kids snorting ad.vil.' (without the period, of course) i'm not sure why. i'm not sure i ever stated a position on that (nor even much considered it.) however, since google seems to think i know something about it let me state, categorically, for the record, i think it is a bad idea. ad.vil is for eating, not snorting. i'm not sure what the benefit of immediate release ad.vil is either, but if someone would like to let me know, i'm open to new ideas. my guess on it is kids will snort anything that can be crushed, and ad.vil happened to be available. ah, the joys of youth.

i'm at a conference in this weekend, where, curiously, it is not as painfully hot as charleston, even though is further south, and also located in the so-called "sunshine state". is only 90 degrees whereas chucktown is, like, 4 million degrees even in the shade.

in sad news, inandoutofluck recently recieved news that she will miscarry her much wanted and hoped-for baby. please go on over and send some blog love to her at this awful time.


LJ said...

I'm sorry, I just love bad kitteh so very much.
It's sad, just sad how much lolcats make me smile. Ahh, the simple pleasures.

Okay, off to go snort advil...oh wait.

Changing Expectations said...

Snorting advil, huh, never thought to do that until now......

Have a great conference!