Wednesday, March 12, 2008

sono glow=2.5 minutes

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i am utterly exhausted all the time, as well as vaguely nauseous and more than a little backed up. my body, it is a wonderland.

my mind, however, is a deep black pit. it wonders if i should fabricate symptoms to go to an ER where i can spend 5 hrs waiting just to get a sonogram to tell me there's still a hb. it's a good thing i'm too lazy to listen to myself much.

i'm contemplating renting a doppler, but i can't tell if that will lessen the crazy or make it worse :?


Leah said...

Renting a doppler = good idea. Trying to use it this early = BAD idea. Try to have faith until your next ultrasound because trying to hear the heartbeat of a 8.5 week old fetus is nearly impossible with a doppler at home and will drive you stark, raving mad. You'd need to rent an ultrasound machine (don't think that this hasn't crossed my mind 6,592 times).

DD said...

While you could pick up a heartbeat this early, the likelihood is you wouldn't and subsequently drive yourself mad.

Even at 12w I thought I should be good to go...not so. 14w was strictly hit and miss. Even now at 21? Thanks to that anterior placenta, I'm still messing with my head.

Someone gave me great advice when I first admitted to having a doppler: make sure to only use it during the office hours of your OB (who should be more than willing to see you when you want to so just get that ER stuff out of your head). That way - if at 14+wks - you aren't having luck, you can always go in for a professional dopplering.

LJ said...

The lolcats have returned!!!

Sarah said...

Oooh, step away from the Doppler.. just step away from the Doppler! I always heard my own heart beat and couldn't hear anything else over that.

Geohde said...

I have a doppler and got HB's from 9.5 weeks. But it doesn't usually reassure me very much!


Meghan said...

The doppler made me insane. I'm not kidding, I'm pretty sure I became certifiable. I was trying to use it around 11-12 weeks and nada. Thought about bringing it out of the case last night but managed to talk myself out of it.

I'm with Leah, totally wish I had Tom' Cruises money and could get an u/s machine installed right next to me bed

SaraS-P said...

As Leah pointed out already, the doppler is a bad idea from everything I have read, especially early on.

So frustrating wanting to know things are OK!

I hope that hb keeps going strong. Wish there was a quick and easy way to know for sure.

Karen said...

If I hadn't had triplets, I probably would have rented a doppler. But I knew I would have driven myself crazy if I couldn't pick up all three HBs...and even my OB couldn't find all three half the time.