Sunday, March 2, 2008

back from haiti

typical depressed look of a malnourished child. this child is at a refeeding ctr

sad child with severe kwashiorkor at orphanage

giving tetanus vax at a health fair

i am back and hoping to relax. i am exhausted, and everyone keeps telling me how exhausted i look.

to my knowledge i did not m/c while i was there, which just makes me super pissed at my mom for basically telling me nonstop for a month that going = automatic m/c. i want to confront her about it but i'm too tired to tip at windmills right now. so, basically i'm avoiding her.

the hb scan is weds am and i am really really nervous about it. i know it isn't's just another hurdle in a long line of hurdles, but i'm putting alot of stock in it for some reason. i feel like i might be able to relax if i "pass" that test, if i don't...i don't know what i'll do. get by, i guess.


Lori said...

How has your re-entry been? Any time I've been away for an extended period, I find that coming back is a bigger adjustment than going away.

I hope that after Wed, you'll be able to face your mom and say "neener neener."

And I'm sorry you missed Zoom. That's a crying shame.

ultimatejourney said...

Welcome back! I can't even imagine how tiring that trip must've been.

I'll be thinking of you on Wednesday!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, L!

I'm marking my calendar :)

Rho said...

Welcome back! I am praying that everything looks great on Wednesday.

In and Out of Luck said...

Glad you're back! Good work, I imagine, though sad. I'm thinking of you for Wednesday. Hugs.