Monday, March 24, 2008

i honestly couldn't say it better myself

so this post might be cheating, but every now and that i come upon a sublime post that says just exactly what i wish i could say, if i didn't sputter out into an incoherent rage each time i tried. i'd like to refer you now to julie's 3/24 entry at a little pregnant for a spot on discussion about what's so insidious and nasty about this whole j.lo twins THANG.

it's not that fraternal twins at age 38 after years of wanting and trying to become pregnant doesn't scream IVF (umm...but it most surely does)'s the denigrating way she denies it. no one is asking j.lo to be a mascot for IF (for that i'd like to nominate z.braff if only because he's so damn cute!), but if she could just refrain from being insulting in her she-doth-protest-too-much denials that would be much appreciated? k? kthxbai.


LJ said...

Totally. And her dad said that twins run on his side of the family - which would be great except twinning is a maternally passed thing.

Geohde said...

Yeah, it's BS, and offensive. Julie did say it well.


Anonymous said...

I obsessively check your blog :(