Sunday, March 16, 2008

crazy doesn't necessarily mean wrong

so, i've decided not to rent or buy a doppler until another U/S confirms a hb. Ditto for any maternity clothes, including bella band. so, i'd better not gain ANY MORE WEIGHT until i have another u/s or i will be utterly without clothings to cover my shocking paleness with.

i guess i'm happy that i haven't had any morning sickness to date (the only thing i had vomiting with was the OHSS) but a little bit of pukiness just to let me know things were OK wouldn't be terrible. famous last words i know, but i thought i'd put it out there.

tomorrow i have OB "orientation" at beth.esda na.val. possibly the most inconvenient place to get to EVER. i can't wait to see what the orientation entails...if it's anything like the IVF orientation was, i'd call it a solid waste of my time. but i'll go if i can get another sono out of it. *crosses fingers*

it has occured to me recently that perhaps t.o.m cr.u.i.s.e was not so much crazy as just more brilliant than our feeble minds could comprehend...seriously. if i had his kind of $$ to throw around i would not hesitate, pass go, or collect $200, but instead simply dash my bruised, knotty PIO heinie down to the nearest sonogram store and plunk down some cash.

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LJ said...

Dude, Bethesda Naval is right around the corner from me! See, that's a good thing!