Wednesday, February 6, 2008

worth a thousand words? (updated)

i was wondering how they did i know!

i'm headed back tomorrow to see if enough fluid came back to warrant a repeat culdocentesis. i'm actually feeling alot better which is good, but also makes me nervous, since WORSENING symptoms is a sign of pregnancy whereas symptoms resolve with a bfn.

mind you, i'm still bloated as all get out, but there's no denying i feel better. alot less vomiting and diarrhea, and i don't have as nearly much fluid as before.

i never thought i'd feel so bad about feeling better.

so, my appt this am went reasonably well, besides the 2hr wait. i've still got some free fluid in the abd, but not enough to warrant a tap. i was instructed to eat salty things and drink gatorade and take lov.enox (OUCH! there's a painful shot) for the next several weeks. they don't think the fluid will need to be drained again, but they will if i need it.

i'm 6dp3dt and starting to want to pee on things. but i'm also trying my best to hold off the madness, because once it starts all i can think about is peeing on sticks. they said getting better doesn't mean the cycle didn't work, but i also wonder if they say that to everyone. ahh, mindgames of the 2ww. so lovely.

i forgot to mention; the other embryos did not make it to freeze. they were either in the morula (pre-blast) stage on day 5 so the clinic did not keep them, or they arrested at morula stage on day 5. not sure which.


In Search of Morning Sickness said...

Oh my goodnesss! I always wondered too! I can't believe all you have to go through, in addition to what you've already gone through.

Hopefully the "better" symptoms are just because yours were so severe, but not indicative of a BFN... I really want to see this work for you!!! Hang in there!

Meghan said...

Gosh...I never thought I wish for someone to feel goes ;)

Seriously though, hope you don't need any more of that draining AND you get your nice big positive out of all this

Rho said...

I am certainly hoping that the draining is over and a BFP is right around the corner.

Sunny said...

Bless your heart. You need a HUGE hug from a distance. :)

Anonymous said...

give it 5 more days!

SaraS-P said...

Ok, that pic scares me! I hope you can avoid that needle!

Positive thoughts for testing time.