Thursday, December 20, 2007

oh, i forgot...

i'm a b*tch. i'm only telling this to YOU dear computer because i know you won't judge. right? ....right?

i have a friend inside the computer who got pg after 6 mos ttc. she got her bfp 3-4 days ago. she has ALREADY posted a ticker, made plans for future sonograms and is checking out maternity clothes. she's, like, 15dpo at this point. WTH? what kind of hubris is that? seriously! i wish i didn't find it so annoying, but i do.

le sigh.

and on a different note: this is just like rocco in appearance and deed. bad cat!


Lori said...

Sighing, too.

DD said...

If you're a bitch, then I know I'm in great company.

SaraS-P said...

I was that hubris-filled moron once. Then I miscarried. Then I did it again. Now you won't catch me making plans until the head is crowning.

Oh, and I just caught my kitty stealing bread from the countertop. Aren't cats supposed to be carnivores?

ultimatejourney said...

I guess that makes me a bitch too, because I'd feel the same way.

One of my cats will eat any carbs that are not quarantined in something at least as hard as a tupperware container. It's so weird.

In and Out of Luck said...

Sigh. I'm with saras-p, no hubris for me.

Anonymous said...

I saw it and feel the same way. she also told her employer (or team) already. what if something were to go wrong? anyway, yeah: sigh.

Geohde said...

Yes, sigh.

If I did that it would invite disaster, but in those who obliviously ticker away nothing ever seems to go wrong,